[custom] Debbi - Donut Ring 2 Sprinkles - Size 3.5

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A gorgeous puffy piece with (2) diamonds to add stunning sparkle and sweet symbolism 

+ Available in 14k yellow gold, rose gold or white gold

+ Includes 2 diamonds

+ BGJ original design


Each BGJ item is custom and made to order. This will be ready in time/ shipped to you by December 23rd. 

Donut Ring Collection

See all pieces within the Donut Collection.


Due to the heaviness of the ring, some clients have sized slightly down (.25 of a size). This is completely dependent on your finger / knuckle shape. View BGJ sizing policy here. 

Need help figuring out your size?

If you are in Dallas, TX
I would love to size your finger! Contact me here.

If you are not in Dallas, TX

I recommend popping into a local jewelry store to figure out your exact size. Since that is a little difficult right now, below are a few alternative options. I recommend an actual sizing tool (via Amazon) for most accurate sizing:

+ Amazon Tools: Option 1 or Option 2

+ Printable Options - Option 1 or Option 2 


Questions? Let's chat here.

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