| ta da! i am your fairy gem-mother |

| custom fine jewelry |

Custom Design. Want something that no one else has? Let's imagine it together. Here's how it happens:

+ Step 1. Take my BGJ x Custom intake quiz here.

+ Step 2. Schedule a consultation. Following the form completion, you will be prompted to schedule a BGJ phone call for further discussion. I'll get to know you & your personal aesthetic better. You can learn more about how I work here.

+ Step 3. Select and source materials. BGJ selects the gems and/or diamonds + materials for review.

+ Step 4. Design the perfect piece. BGJ will present design options to the client, & go through as many rounds as needed for approval. 

+ Step 5. Jewelry production. 

+ Step 6. Client reveal

| reimagined heirlooms |

Reworked Inherited Pieces. Fine jewelry that has been passed down can be particularly special – but sometimes they don't fit into your current style. We help you re-work them to make them uniquely "you" without losing that sentimentality.

The process is similar to creating a custom piece (above). Take my intake quiz to get started.

"This piece is unreal, Betsy!"

- BGJ Customer in Dallas, TX

"We cannot thank you enough for your work and vision! You outdid yourself. Just gorgeous!"

- BGJ Client in Nashville, TN