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| private jeweler |

I'm essentially your go-to girl for all your fine jewelry needs. And I work really hard to make sure you have an enhanced experience you might not get at your standard store – with less pressure and more patience.

+ Sourcing Pieces. Do you have a piece in mind but unsure where to find it? Do you want to give a gift for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion? I can find the perfect thing, in your price range. Contact me here.

+ Bridal. Simply put, I make their dreams happen.

+ Custom Design. Want a piece of fine jewelry that no one else in the world has? I am your fairy gem-mother.

+ Reimagined Heirlooms. Inherited pieces are particularly special, and I help make them uniquely "you."

+ BGJ Collection. I designed a few pieces of fine jewelry that you can purchase from betsygardner.com! See the pieces here.

| process |

If you're designing your first custom piece – or buying something as monumentous as an engagement ring – I know it can seem overwhelming. That's why I'm here! 

+ I'm on board with your unique vision. I really get to know your personality/aesthetics and your vision, so I can create or find the best piece for you specifically. 

+ I guide you to your best option. Because I’m both a private jeweler and a custom designer, I’m uniquely equipped to assess what will work best for the treasure you have in mind. My expertise helps inform whether or not I should source a piece that’s already made, or if your vision be better served by us designing it together. What best suits your budget? In what ways can I help you understand the distinct properties of the materials I’m choosing, and why I believe they’re right for your design?

I'm transparent. You already know what you can spend on this piece & I will work with you on that. I'm going to be your advocate to make sure you get the best quality gems for the best possible price.

+ I make it fun. I know this can be a little intimidating, but I make sure it's not! You'll feel confident each step of the way.

| what i do |

I'm studying at the Gemological Institute of America to receive my GIA certification, and currently work with some of the best benchmakers and/or wholesalers to design (or source) my clients' pieces.

+ Wedding & Engagement

+ Private Jeweler

Custom Design

+ Reworked Inherited Pieces 

+ Shop the BGJ :: Wearable Luxury Jewlery Collection

| vision |

Jewelry, like all forms of art, is deeply personal and reflective of the owner. When I put on my accents in the morning, I'm showing others a little bit more about who I am.

Fine jewelry gives a sense of time and place, and heritage. It transcends generations. As I'm designing a piece, I like to imagine my clients passing their pieces on as a reminder of their love.

Every piece has a story. Let's tell yours.

| contact |

If you're looking for fine jewelry, or want to design a piece that is unique to you, I want to help! Let's get the conversation started. 

+ betsy@bestygardner.com

+ 601.622.2480 (call or text)